Richard Cartmale - Composition Work

Whilst at Trinity College of Music, Richard Cartmale  studied composition with the late Richard Arnell, who introduced him to, amongst other things, the possibilities of film music. Being involved  with performances of many new pieces of music, either as performer or conductor also led to his coming under the influence of John Tavener and several younger composers. He was also involved with the start up of the electronic music department and was one of the founding students of the department. His continuing involvement with and use of music technology right through the infancy of MIDI has shaped many of his working practices, and was an integral component of his decision to build his own studio.


He has, in the past,  composed music for a number of short films and two plays and is currently concentrating  on concert pieces, most significantly the Cello Concerto. This is a large scale 1 movement work, essentially tonal and consciously conservative. He is  currently reworking a compressed recapitulation and coda section from existing material. Most of the work has been recorded in a MIDI orchestral simulation, and a short section of the exposition can be heard here.

You can also hear a sample clip of some of my film music here

More news on this will follow. Please email if you have comments. The address is on the main page

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